Friday, November 5, 2010

Just a quick shoutout...

For those of you who enjoyed my webcomic post:


This guy is hilarious :D

Thursday, October 21, 2010

I can see things you cannot comprehend...

My last post confused you did it? that might be because i was using a QR code

Don't want to read all that baloney on wikipedia? ill explain it here

QR stands for Quick Response. Basically you can scan the code with your phone and it will instantly decode and show you the text, phone number or URL contained within.

Get it for your phone from Kaywa , they also have some handy tools to generate QR codes and datamatrixes that can be scanned by the software you download for your phone.

send me some messages in QR code if you like this!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

If a tree falls in the forest...

Find out what the heck this is in my next post!
Or you're a smart cookie and you already know...

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Remember those little tamagochis for boys? You started off with an egg that hatched into a blob and then you buffed it up until it evolved into a little dinosaur... from there on it got confusing or it pooped too much.

Now you can relive the excitement of pressing the 'clean poop' button (or not) with DMPC 2.3B. this tiny little app for your pc will sit in whatever little corner you want it to and cry for food every now and then, just like the real thing! You can train it with three little minigames (fast clicking, moving your little guy to dodge objects and turning your little guy to block oncoming objects) and even battle people over the internet.

A nice graphical loading screen

Choosing my evolution line, i choose robots because robots kick ass

My egg has a... a gear?

oh my it hatched... and i wants food! here we go again...

download it here

Webcomics ahoy!

So i like to read the odd webcomic from time to time, I guess they're not for everybody not for everybody but its a great way to piss away time in a boring IT lecture. I have three favorites that i regularly check on.

Nedroid is a webcomic about... well it's about a bird called Reginald and a half bear half potato aptly named... Beartato...

This is all very hard to explain really, there is no plot or any real progression but the characters are memorable and the fact that it isn't really that funny makes it hilarious.

Read all about it at Nedroid Picture Diary 

Dead Winter
A cartoony, funny take on the zombie apocalypse awaiting us all. Dead Winter follows the story of a group of intrepid survivors as they stumble their way through a world changed, though not so unlike our own.

I especially enjoy this comics way of viewing the scenes from a variety of angles, made possible by the comparatively minimalistic style used.

Read it at Dead Winter 

The Zombie Hunters 
Yes, i have a zombie fetish. As does half of the internet these days. This comic takes a slightly more serious tone than the above, maybe not for everybody but i certainly enjoy the well thought out characters and the drawing style. The author also makes an effort to change the genre slightly as you may well find out.

This webcomic was bitten, killed and then reanimated at The Zombie Hunters   

Friday, October 15, 2010

The internet dresses best, stays classy

I don't normally order much from the internet but every now and then i come across some awesome idea someone has put into action but hasn't come to my local mall yet. When this happens i have to stop myself from going and grabbing my card because while i love buying cool stuff it usually leaves a sizable dent in my savings. Here's a personal favorite of mine that i will one day obtain and wear with geeky pride.

The Goggle Jacket
Not entirely new, the goggle jacket of today is inspired by the jacket used in an Italian endurance race dubbed the "Mille Miglia". Drivers would race through all kinds of harsh roads in open-roofed cars, thus the need for something to protect their eyes. Today several clothing retailers have used the concept to create some interesting versions of the jacket, including a version that zips up all the way to the top of the hood, making it look more like you're wearing some kind of bio hazard suit.

Theres even a beanie! how cute!

You can buy the Jackets from CP Company if you're willing to brave the pricetag

Shaken, not stirred

Words do not describe this, just watch the video.

Whoever thought this up was either under the effects of viagra or has a knack for making normal things look awkward. I bet the board cracked up laughing so hard when they tried pitching this thing that they invested just for the novelty value.

At least i know what I'm getting my girlfriend for christmas...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

What's in store

What will i be posting here? I don't really know.
If i find something cool on the internet i might put it here so you can see.
No deep, philosophical musings or artsy hipster rants. Just awesome stuff in nice little bite sized chunks, just the way you like it.