Friday, October 15, 2010

The internet dresses best, stays classy

I don't normally order much from the internet but every now and then i come across some awesome idea someone has put into action but hasn't come to my local mall yet. When this happens i have to stop myself from going and grabbing my card because while i love buying cool stuff it usually leaves a sizable dent in my savings. Here's a personal favorite of mine that i will one day obtain and wear with geeky pride.

The Goggle Jacket
Not entirely new, the goggle jacket of today is inspired by the jacket used in an Italian endurance race dubbed the "Mille Miglia". Drivers would race through all kinds of harsh roads in open-roofed cars, thus the need for something to protect their eyes. Today several clothing retailers have used the concept to create some interesting versions of the jacket, including a version that zips up all the way to the top of the hood, making it look more like you're wearing some kind of bio hazard suit.

Theres even a beanie! how cute!

You can buy the Jackets from CP Company if you're willing to brave the pricetag


  1. CP Company, eh? Is that Cheese Pizza or herp derp derr durp trollface.jpg

    Nah but that's certainly an interesting design.