Saturday, October 16, 2010

Webcomics ahoy!

So i like to read the odd webcomic from time to time, I guess they're not for everybody not for everybody but its a great way to piss away time in a boring IT lecture. I have three favorites that i regularly check on.

Nedroid is a webcomic about... well it's about a bird called Reginald and a half bear half potato aptly named... Beartato...

This is all very hard to explain really, there is no plot or any real progression but the characters are memorable and the fact that it isn't really that funny makes it hilarious.

Read all about it at Nedroid Picture Diary 

Dead Winter
A cartoony, funny take on the zombie apocalypse awaiting us all. Dead Winter follows the story of a group of intrepid survivors as they stumble their way through a world changed, though not so unlike our own.

I especially enjoy this comics way of viewing the scenes from a variety of angles, made possible by the comparatively minimalistic style used.

Read it at Dead Winter 

The Zombie Hunters 
Yes, i have a zombie fetish. As does half of the internet these days. This comic takes a slightly more serious tone than the above, maybe not for everybody but i certainly enjoy the well thought out characters and the drawing style. The author also makes an effort to change the genre slightly as you may well find out.

This webcomic was bitten, killed and then reanimated at The Zombie Hunters   


  1. i really enjoyed nerdroid :) thanks

  2. Check out Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal... it's about the most hilarious thing since laughter was invented...

  3. Cool. I like Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal and Gun Show, check them out.